Civil airport

      安全 拷貝 3.pngTAI-40-HP active millimeter wave human body security instrument

      地址.pngAI intelligent and precise positioning, automatic identification of metal and non-metallic contraband

      掃描 拷貝 2.pngScan 3S is equivalent to professional security personnel search 20S

      快捷.pngOne-button operation, no professional training required

      隱私.pngDual screen work, male and female inspection, intelligent privacy protection


      掃描 拷貝 2.pngTAI-30 Active Millimeter Wave Human Body Security Instrument Automatically identify contraband

      地址.pngFine detection and positioning, safety and no hidden dangers

      快捷.pngAutomatically exclude clothing own items

      安全 拷貝 3.pngEveryone stays 2.8s, safe you and me

      隱私 拷貝 2.pngDoll tag, privacy protection

      Subway customs

      Combined detection with TAI-40-HP and passive human body security instrument

      Real-time inspection, no stop, no waiting

      Fine screening and comprehensive protection of key personnel

      Safe, non-radiative, privacy protection

      Easy to operate, no training required

      Event event

      地址.pngIdentify and locate metal and non-metallic suspicious objects in real time 

      移動.pngNormal walking, unconscious inspection

      快捷.pngPortable, mobile, ready to use equipment