1. Yao Jianwei visited Huaxun Ark for inspection and guidance.




        On November 20th, Yao Jianwei, an internationally renowned expert in laser and nonlinear optics and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited Huaxun Ark for inspection and guidance. Ding Qing, vice president of the group, Dr. Chunchun Chao, the leader of the security technology of terahertz, and Shen Xunming, deputy general manager of the terahertz security inspection department, attended the reception.


          Accompanied by Ding Zong, Academician Yao Jianyu visited the group exhibition hall and listened to the detailed report on the research results of the group and the development of the company in recent years. During the visit, Dr. Qi Chunchao, Dr. Pan Wei and Dr. Zheng Yu briefly reported on the research and development of terahertz security instruments, terahertz time-domain spectrometers, and terahertz communications. Subsequently, members of the research and development team of the terahertz security inspection department made an application demonstration of the terahertz human body security instrument to Academician Yao Jianwei. Academician Yao fully affirmed and highly appraised the terahertz human body security instrument independently developed by Huaxun Ark.


          Academician Yao said that the application of terahertz technology to human body security, whether active or passive, will not cause harm to the human body. Because of this, developed countries in Europe and America have applied terahertz technology to human security and security. The reason why terahertz waves are harmless to the human body is related to the low single-photon energy (approx. 4mev). The single-photon energy required to ionize biological tissues needs to reach 12.5eV. The photon energy of our common X-rays generally reaches KeV. Obviously far greater than the ionization threshold of biological tissue, it is harmful to the human body. Good security is one of the important characteristics of terahertz waves.


          At the symposium, Academician Yao introduced the technological progress of laser space applications, ocean lasers, terahertz communications, etc., and gave guidance to the research and development direction of Huaxun Ark terahertz technology.